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Aerospacelab logo


Solving real-world challenges through actionable geospatial intelligence

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Agile Space Industries logo

Agile Space Industries

We are an in-space propulsion solution provider, specializing in hypergolic chemical systems

United States
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Astra logo


Our mission: improve life on Earth from space

United States
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Astrobotic logo


Deliver your technology to space! Astrobotic is contracting payloads for lunar missions. Configure your mission, reserve your flight, and learn about our technology

United States
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Axiom Space logo

Axiom Space

Creating a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere

United States
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BlackSky logo


Global Monitoring - Geospatial Intelligence - Smallsat

United States
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Blue Origin logo

Blue Origin

Earth, in all its beauty, is just our starting place. Blue Origin is opening the promise of space to all

United States
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Capella Space logo

Capella Space

Earth observation data any time, any weather with the most advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite technology

United States
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D-Orbit logo


End-to-end services for the New Space industry, including platform engineering, launch and deployment, and decommissioning

ItalyPortugalUnited Kingdom
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Dawn Aerospace logo

Dawn Aerospace

Delivering hardware to space. Positioning satellites on orbit. Returning products to Earth

New ZealandNetherlands
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Firefly logo


Making Space for Everyone!

United States
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Hiber logo


Low cost, Low power IoT connectivity.

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ICEYE logo


Gain access to timely and reliable SAR imaging from the world's leading New Space SAR satellite constellation

FinlandSpainUnited StatesPolandLuxembourg
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Isar Aerospace logo

Isar Aerospace

By enabling access to space, we contribute to humanity’s progress and our planet’s sustainable technological and economic development

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Kepler Communications logo

Kepler Communications

Global connectivity services for the data-heavy world. On a mission to build the Internet in space

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LeoLabs logo


Providing space debris tracking and collision prevention services for Low Earth Orbit

United StatesAustralia
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Loft Orbital logo

Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital builds software and hardware products to fly and operate any payload on a standard satellite bus. See how we're making space simple

United StatesFrance
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Maana Electric logo

Maana Electric

Powering Human Ambition

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Maxar logo


Integrated space infrastructure and Earth intelligence capabilities that make global change visible, information actionable and space accessible

United StatesUnited KingdomSweden
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Momentus logo


Provide in-space transportation services for satellites between various orbits out to deep space

United States
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OneWeb logo


We’re delivering connectivity for everyone, everywhere, through a global satellite constellation

United KingdomUnited States
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Orbex Space logo

Orbex Space

We launch small, micro and nano satellites into accurate low Earth orbits, regularly, on time and at a competitive fixed price

United KingdomDenmark
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Planet logo


Operating 200 earth observation satellites, delivering a dataset of global, daily information

United StatesGermanySingapore
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PLD Space logo

PLD Space

European New Space rocket company developing a family of reusable microlaunchers to provide suborbital & orbital launch services to small satellites & payloads

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Predasar logo


Building the world's largest SAR satellite constellation

United States
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Preligens logo


Preligens (ex-Earthcube) develops artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze GEOINT and MULTIINT data for the defense and intelligence industries

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PTS logo


PTS is bringing down the cost of exploration and building reusable space infrastructures so more people benefit from access to space.

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Relativity logo


Building Humanity's Multi-Planetary Future

United States
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Rocket Lab logo

Rocket Lab

We build rockets and spacecraft that unlock the potential of space

United StatesNew Zealand
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Sierra Space logo

Sierra Space

Enabling humanity to begin new civilizations beyond Earth.

United StatesUnited KingdomSweden
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SpaceX logo


The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

United States
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SpinLaunch logo


Revolutionizing Access to Space

United States
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Ursa Major logo

Ursa Major

We develop innovative propulsion solutions for the emerging microsatellite and nanosatellite launch market

United States
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Valispace logo


Valispace is a digital productivity tool that helps your engineering team share up to date dynamic data quickly and easily.

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Venture Orbital Systems logo

Venture Orbital Systems

We provide a tailor-made service for NanoSat & CubeSat operators

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