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Preligens has developed efficient monitoring tools based on an automated analysis of geospatial information and multiple other sources. By combining state-of-the-art AI techniques in both Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Preligens provides its customers with more reliable and more precise information, thus enabling faster interventions for a safer environment.
As a member of the IT OperationsTeam, you will be responsible for the quality of service Preligens products offer to its customers. You will help product development squads to prepare software packages ready for on cloud and on premise deployments, design, make and validate a deployment automation solution and ensure that every instance of our products is  regularly updated and fully operational.
You will have to appropriate the client's constraints on his information system and will have to offer technical solutions over a wide scope in collaboration with the client's experts (virtualization, storage, network, firewall, data pipeline, etc.) in order to guarantee the proper integration of Preligens products into his information system.
Defense clearance is mandatory for this job.
Main areas of accountability / Périmètre de responsabilités
You will be part of the deployment team whose mission is to manage projects from the specification phase of the customer's execution environment to the deployment of the platform, which involves assisting our customers in the integration architecture of the product with their information system, verifying the format of the customer's data input to our products, deploying platforms on site or in the cloud and connecting the input/output of the product with their information system, providing updates and support throughout the life of the product, taking into account incidents, resolving them or forwarding them to the relevant development teams.
The team that you will join is composed of IT project managers, system and application production engineers..
In particular you will be responsible for :
■      Perform level 1 support on products and hardware platforms deployed to customers and follow up on actions to be taken
■      Carry out the functional administration of the products on the SAAS platforms (data feeding, results spreading, user accounts management, setting up alerts)
■      Monitor the production platforms

Main activities / Activités principales
■      Report on the incidents encountered and the customer impact caused. Carry out the procedures for incident resolution. Gather all the elements allowing the teams to reproduce and correct the incident encountered.
■      Build knowledge base information et involve incident response procedure to promote client autonomy where possible
■      Monitor performance, stability and security indicator of platforms on cloud
■      Monitor product functionalities of platforms on cloud  : data flows, algorithms execution
■      Carry out the technical and functional administration actions concerning the operation of differents products and production platforms hosted by Preligens
■      Participate in the testing of new product versions on existing platforms and in the creation of specific platforms.
■      Update instances on cloud or support customers for this action performed by them for on-premises instances
■      Participate in evaluation contracts and sales support by preparing and updating demo environments (availability of algorithms, setting up of alerts, nominal state of primary analysis, processing client data and reporting results)
Influence on results / Dimensions caractéristiques
■      Ability to work in a heterogeneous environment Windows, Linux, MacOS
■      Ability to write and apply technical procedures
■      Ability to propose improvements on existing processes, products handled, dashboards used.
■      Experience in operating a production system handling sensitive data (supervision, backups, updates, recurring actions)
■      Client focus and excellent communicative skills
■      Ability to communicate in English with foreign customers
■      Experience scripting (BASH, Python…)
■      Experience working with monitoring tools like Elasticsearch, Grafana, Nagios, Zabbix etc.
■      Experience working with data processing and data exchange protocols
■      Organizational skills, autonomy, and reporting capabilities
■      Knowledge or interest about secure information systems defense

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France, Paris
Posted a year ago
Job offer closed
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